Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chasing Rainbow

Shall I make you understand life, how dear you are to me! 
What am I..! I am but a  bunch of coloured balloons and you are free flowing air. 
Certainly I will move your way. Truly I enjoy floating on you. Holding your secure but secret hands I am so happy! I cherish for you always and each and every breath of mine kisses you. 
Do you have any complain finding a really crazy companion! 
Yes, I am garrulous and my words melt with summer ice. 
But to my utter surprise something very important always remain unsaid and someone comes up from somewhere to help me explaining what I really meant to say. 
And you know how I am inattentive while walking, fall and get hurt several times on footpaths! 
Then someone comes from somewhere to give me support to stand firmly. 
You know, whom I am talking about! 
And now you must be getting surprised at my ability to fly! Isn't it!
Truly life, no more I am floating on you. I have learnt flying and that is only from you. 
I am flying towards the rainbow visible in far horizon. Can you see it! 
Now I am going to take you to the mystic land of colours where your sparkles will only be touched by glory of heavens. And you will find me one with the wonderful colours. 
Then I will declare you O' my modest companion as my own. 
Until then, run with me, run fast with me.. Time is short and our horizon is far...... 
Let's touch the rainbow together.....