Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I have got a friend

Some pages of a diary often are unintentionally left blank. This is also so true for life! Monasila lost two years of her blooming life in hospital bed. She is back home. But every thing has been drastically changed. Now a days they are staying in a cozy place nearby the sea beach. Her father Mr Andrew is looking lusterless, a little aged than he usually seemed to be. The accident Monalisha faced alone broke the backbone of the Andrew family. Mr Andrew sold his house to be able to pay for the operation costs. He is a retired accountant; a very ordinarily, and humble person; so also was his wife Laura. But their daughter Monalisa was not an ordinary girl. She was the gold medalist to represent her state in marathon and was a bright student to clear all the papers of Accounting in one go. She got a job offer with handsome salary and perks. She was about to join her job, quite unaware of the fact that two pages of the diary of her life would be left unwritten. When she got to know the fact that she can never be able to run, was shocked. She has been the soothe of her family. Such positively vibrant a girl, never did she let her parents remain in a heavy face. She was the glitter of the eyes of her parents. Now fate has played such cruel game with her that a smile has become a rare phenomenon on her lovely face. She has lost one of her legs and all her wonderful lively mood. 

On the first day when she was brought back to their new house on a wheel chair she could see a skinny white boy of around ten to twelve years old standing near the gate with a bunch of flower. His folded jeans pant was exposing well the lower part of his leg. His t-shirt was half wet and legs were sodded with wet sand. With a broad smile he welcomed Monalisha.. and advanced towards the wheel chair to greet her with the bunch of flowers. Unresponsively Monalisha little bent towards back whispered to her mother- "who is the joker?" Before Monalisha's parents could tell anything the boy boisterously remarked- "young man and young ladies please welcome to your house. Now I am relieved. I can spend more time in my home, playing, dancing and enjoying ... " Inspite of much coaxing from Monalisha's parents to stay with them for lunch, the boy did't. Like a swirling breeze the boy vanished from their sight in few minutes and lost somewhere towards the horizon. Monalisha was wonderingly looking at her parents. The house was cozy and clean and the most beautiful part of that was the sea beach visible from her bedroom. She thanked heartily to her father for the special privilege for her. Her room contained a wardrobe, a cozy bed, a computer and a large bookshelf containing her favorite books those she wanted to have, and a lot many which had been her consort in the lonely hospital bed. The wall was painted with a lovely shade of white. She never was the same gleeful jollily butterfly like a girl who used to flap around the entire house merrily getting something new and interesting for her. But she was not unhappy

Day long she would look at the sea from her window in a calm and contemplative mood. Her vision would touch the limitless tempestuous waves on the bed of sea and get back to her wistfully. What her future has stored in for her? She even can't stand properly without her mother's help; isn't her life a bitterish arrangement of the fate! Some days she finds the skinny boy whom she met at first at the gate of their house, running relentlessly waving his hands towards the open sky on the wide beach for pretty a long period. She watches his gestures constantly and queries her mother- "is that boy a little crazy? I doubt, he has some abnormalities..." Smilingly her mother says, no darling. He is a very nice boy; a poor orphan who manages his living by maintaining the church garden. He was looking after our house and the lemon orchards in the backside when we had to go out for long. A thoroughly blessed boy is poor Sandy with purity and innocence in his heart. Monalisha didn't say anything. She rather wanted to conceal her tears from her mother. She was getting envious of the boy. How happy he looked while running on the beach! Once a marathon champion, she now is not able to stand by her own self. Her tears were dampening her existence slowly.

Days were passing by. Summer season was over. It was the month of July that unveiled the carpet of clouds in the sky. It was raining incessantly. The beach was lonely and violent. Monalisha's eyes were searching for Sandy who was not seen in the beach for a week or more. One fine day suddenly Monalisha found Sandy standing at the lemon orchards. Monalisha called her by his name. Sandy swiftly moved and within seconds entered directly into her room. She from her wheel chair indicated Sandy to stand at a distance as his shoes were dirty. Sandy with the usual broad smile on his face stood near the entrance informally. Monalisha staring straight at him asked why the joker was not found running on the beach all these rainy days! Sandy, shyly looked at her. Monalisha requested Sandy for he would take her to the place at the beach where he use to run. She just wants to go there with him.. Sandy agreed with a condition that she won't address him with the title 'joker' in front of others. Monalisha, controlling her smile agreed. Next morning Sandy with a great care took Monalisha with her wheel chair to the beach. A mild rain shower was thrilling Monalisha's senses. For some moment she forgot the void and gloom in her heart. She ordered Sandy with a dictatorial manner to run as fast as he can. Sandy ran swiftly and vanished from her eyesight. Monalisha was expecting Sandy to run back and be visible from the direction he was running to.. Suddenly she felt her wheel chair was moving fast. 
Loudly Sandy was saying that he doesn't enjoy running alone when she is there with him
Screamingly she said- Stop stupid, don't tease me. I'm lame, don't you see? I might fall and hurt myself.
Carelessly Sandy says- No, I can't see. I am blind and I'm still running.
Monalisa with a great surprise in her voice says- What!!! Are you a liar too?
Sandy boldly says- Confirm it from the church father and other employees.
Monalisha was confused. She wonders- how is it possible!
Sandy with a great rapture in his voice says- I am blind with eyes but not with heart and soul, they help me see properly. Why are you making yours handicapped?

He asked Monalisha to hold the chair firmly and to close her eyes. Being trilled when she closed her eyes, felt that she has become so light as if she would start flying. She was in a perfect ecstasy to forget everything else. The rain drops, wind, the sea waves, wet sand bed and Sandy as if were celebrating her joy together..! She thanked Sandy for the blissful moments in her life. She thanked him for teaching her how to win the real marathon. On returning home she was a perfectly shining Monalisha whom her parents had lost two years ago. Gleefully she was telling them that she has got a wonderful friend in the joker. 
Sandy by making a face at her warned- Hey, you are forgetting your promise. 
Monalisha in a apologetic gesture said- Dear Sandy I have found a great friend in the joker in you. 
All laughed boisterously

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