Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet hurt

Art by L.Afremov

He is watching something out of the window unmindfully. He is rather in a contemplative mood. The window curtain is disturbing him repeatedly by flowing hither and thither being prompted by the mischievous air. But he seems to be unaffected as his eyes are fixed. Suddenly he got up and hurried towards dining table, following a voice, calling- 'John, dinner is ready'. No, it was his misconceiving. Julie actually has left him. He is waiting for Julie since the evening with a firm belief that she will be back home. But, it is past eight and she hasn't come. John pulls a chair and rests his body. With a shaky hand he picks up the letter kept lying on the table. Once again he dares reading those cruel words set by his sweetheart. His eyes are red and face frowny. How an innocent and sweet looking girl like Julie can be such unpredictable to cheat on her own husband! John remembers his granny's words- The hardest of sufferings one gets from the dearest ones only. Few hours, since John left his clinic have been like long eras of sufferings for him. He is shocked. The words of the shabby letter in his hand are attacking him hard like sharp edged weapons.

"Dear Doctor, during my stay with you for complete seven hundred and twenty nine days I have been observing that your patients are more important than me. So I am leaving you forever. Remember, don't try to find me as I have got someone.

"Love"- what meaning of the word is left! 

Such a wonderful woman Julie was! John thought, how is it possible she got the most charming woman as his wife! An ordinary looking doctor yet a princes like wife; isn't it a sheer mismatch. Yet Julie never showed slightest mark of discontent staying with a boring and serious fellow. Most of the time she explores John hooked to medical journal or computer screen when he is not been to clinic. She never complains rather makes herself busy with different foolish jobs like rearranging the things in the living room and kitchen and touching the leaves and flowers of the collection of her plants so mindfully as if she actually is painting a picture or doing a sculpture. John wonders, is she an otherworldly person! What a wife, always engrossed in a tiny world and yet so happy! She prepares varieties of dishes and serves at dinner. John gets arrested every time Julie serves dinner wearing her sleek gown. She, with a wide smile describes some happening that passes over John's head. But John also gestures as if he is so excited to listen to Julie..! Yet he can't join with her for long as he has nothing in his mind stored to speak out that could impress Julie. Whenever John starts speaking on a formal topic that reaches quickly at some new inventions in medical science, his clinic, patients or a peculiar type of disease and it's symptoms. When John finishes his speaking, finds Julie dozing in his arms. Although Julie never tells, John knows Julie's dislike for his profession and passion. Once John jokingly told her that she should have chosen a florist as life partner rather than him. Julie then reacted little with a heavy face and silence. But who knew Julie would take his words so seriously! Has she got a florist to remarry with for whom she left me, wonders John. I have never pleased her with bunches of flowers or gifts that other successful husbands might be doing. She also never has slightly showed if she was feeling bad. How could I read her mind! She looked a perfect angel when I presented her a note of "I love you" written on my clinic writing pad on her birth day. Yes, I have never tried to please her some special way. I was certainly wrong thinking that everything of mine was hers. I was wronged that we are together for life and my whole existence was meant for her. Certainly unknowingly I have made some serious injustice to her. At last she has found her way, she will rather be more happy. Let she be. I failed to be a good husband. But she certainly was a wonderful wife. I miss her. 

John slowly moves out. Where would he find Julie? She even has left her cell phone at home. If he finds her, he would beg for her love once more. He would beg for the warmth of her lips and he would drink the honey of her scent unto soul once more. Where are you my fairy, he wailed in his heart. It was intense dark everywhere. Unaware of the time John went on and on. He does not know how long he walked on the foot path  like a lifeless body and at last reaches home. 

Suddenly John finds, it was not the home he left last. All the lights are lit. Has she come back? The divinely smell of her perfume filled the air. Is she there? John's heart was beating promptly. He entered into the living room and got struck at the sight of his beautiful wife. She was looking different- exquisitely beautified and blissful. Her smile was magical. She was engaged in placing candles on a lovely cake. John was spell bound and could not speak a word. His eyes moistened. With a lump in his throat he cries- "Julie, my darling I am so stupid! You have planned all the beautiful moments of our second marriage anniversary. My wife... I can't bear separation from you even for a moment. Probably I am not a good husband but I love you unto soul. Julie with her usual joviality says- dear hubby my world ends at you. It was just a sweet hurt for you to make our special day unforgettable. John holding Julie's hand pleads- My dear, I feel guilty. You have all the right on this earth to punish me. Julie falls on his arms and merges in him until their breaths become one.


  1. Wow! I was so sad when I started reading this story. I didn't know who to blame or even if I should. He was obviously blaming himself enough and finally acknowledging that he hadn't been involved in his marriage as he should have been. At the same, even though I could understand where she was probably coming from, I thought that she could have at least tried to tell him how she was feeling.
    It hurt when he sat there just waiting for her to return and then his wandering the streets. I could imagine his hurt. I'm glad she was home when he arrived, but I was kind of miffed at her. That was mean, but at the same time it was definitely an eye opener for him.
    Well done Bijay! You grabbed hold of me and you didn't let go until the last line had ended. Awesome! Be blessed.

  2. Elizena mam, thanks a lot for your comment...:)
    I was in doubt about the story. I was not sure if the story was good!
    Actually the woman in the story of a kind who was expressive with regard to relationship. So she might have expected though not exactly quite similar kind of attitude from her husband, some attention and some spark in their relationship. Most of the women think that their husbands must have the minimum power of reading their eyes and
    So in this story when Julie finds that her husband is going to forget the date of marriage anniversary every time as he missed wishing her on the very day of their second marriage anniversary, she could have decided to give a little tension before the arrangement of the surprise celebration of their big day. I think John is a moderate kind of person who is so good to forgive Julie for her childish trick. John could have otherwise reacted seeing Julie preparing the anniversary cake. But since it's love which makes a person modest and forgiving rather than egoist or rough, John's personality dazzles out. Perhaps Julie though knew her husband, wanted that craving of love in him to get intensified once again though the method she used was a little rude.