Friday, January 20, 2012

Blue salvation

                                                                                 Whitebook @ DeviantArt
                                                     For- Bluebell books Short Story Slam Week 19

She does not know who has been playing a sorcerous tune by flute somewhere very near to her soul in the midnight. Is she still sleeping or really awake? Bewildered she opens window of her room. A sudden gust of air moves her slim body. The moon is shyly peeping from within the curtain of cloud. There is certainly something to be unveiled something to be revealed before her, she realised. This is not new to her. She use to walk down the stairs at mid of night and rests her becharmed existence beneath the peepul tree. It is almost over a month she has been retiring herself to the illusory spell of a call. Every morning she discovers herself intimately loved and cuddled. A strange feeling of fulfillment runs throughout her body. She blossoms out. And a quick breeze kisses her face. Suddenly she gets up worried of something. 

No...... Not anymore. What is this life? How long will I be captive of a life unknown to me? How long? She screams and her voice echos back to her. She goes back to her palace and cries in sheer helplessness. Nobody was there to wipe off her tears. She is a captive; a royal captive. She is living in a palace she never visited before. She has been there for ten years or more. The palace is located somewhere deep inside a secluded forest, far away from a city. There, she gets all the luxuries of life but love. She craves for a voice that she can believe on; a voice that she will love to listen again and again. But Alas.. Not a single voice in the palace makes her feel a little secured, a little happy. She is all alone, deserted. 

But, her knowingly or unknowingly she has fallen in love. She is waiting for the tune of the mysterious flute and waiting for the moment to be tranced by an invisible lover. She gets the joy of togetherness in a magical blue domain of fantasy. She knows someone loves her very deeply. She can't see him physically yet she can feel his presence. When he embraces her, she is showered with a strange feeling of joy all over her. She decides, she will surrender herself completely to her invisible lover.. 

She waits for her cherished tune of flute to be heard. She beautified herself the best possible way. She wore the red garment that befitted her name 'Ruby'. And with the familiar tune of flute she went on... She wonders, who he is; why he loves her so much silently and why he is not visible? The same questions she has been repeating over and again since after she was under his spell for the first time. And every time she would get silent drops of dew fallen on her instead of any words. And an indomitable attraction would drag her more close towards him until her existence is nullified with him. Tonight she is firm on her belief. She is going to surrender completely before him and will never return to her disgusting palace. 

The sublime beauty of the night was intoxicating. She was there with all her beauty and love to offer her invisible lover. She cried and pleaded "O dear, please be visible and speak to me. I want to offer you my whole self for now and ever. I have taken vow to be one with you for times to come." With a sudden thud the peepul tree began to tremble and sleeping birds awoke flapping their wings. A vague voice came from within the tree, "O my angel, I am a tree; how can we stay together? Please go away and live your golden life with a human like you."
Ruby stared at the tree for quite some time with a mixed feeling of joy and sorrow on her face. Tears rolled off her cheek. With a lump in her throat she tells, "O my king, what if you are a tree? I can't live without you, I am not going anywhere leaving your abode. What I got from you, your compassionate gesture at my melancholic life and your love, is very scarce anywhere else. All the comforts of life is worthless for me if I don't have your love."

The Peepul tree pleads, 'O princes go back to your life of luxury, I can't fulfill your material needs. Why will you ruin your life for me? I have no colour; I am aged and ugly; and you, my darling are a celestially beautiful princes. We have no match. You were carried away by the tune of my soul. And I fell in love with you. My subtle body was overpowered to gesture as a human to embrace you and love you, but I know my darling I can't have you; I am a tree!' Pearl drops of dew showered on Ruby as Peepul tree cries.

Ruby spreads her hands and pleads with a painful voice, 'O dear take me to your abyss once and for all.' There was a poised silence all around. And Ruby was locked in the arms of her lover tree. At once a violent storm appeared. The peepul tree was uprooted taking Ruby in its dispersed branches... Rubby was sleeping peacefully in the arms of her lover.


  1. An awesome write. Aazing how you took the prompt and turned into a wonderful and mysterious fable about love. Nicely done!

  2. Thank you Charles Sir, I am humbled with your words of appreciation...:)

  3. Love it Bijay! Once again love conquers all and I loved the fairy tale feel of it. Awesome is right. Thanks so much for sharing! Be blessed.

    1. Thank you so much Elizena madam for visiting and liking my blog. I am really glad that you liked the story. I am quite encouraged by your kind words. Have a great day.. :)

  4. A fabulous write, indeed! You caught the essence of heartache here, and the lesson that beauty and love can carry beyond human expectations!