Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Angel Kitten

I am taking you back to my childhood days my dear friends. My brother and I were like any other school going children in our lane. But we were very special and honourable because we had with us four cute kittens to play with. Keeping a pet cat was a long run tradition in our family beginning from the time when our forefathers might had seen a little mice running freely from this room to that. 

Somabari (the one born on a fine Monday) was the grandmother of our kittens. She was a great huntress but was equally ill famed for spoiling the milk pot many a times by directly putting mouth into it. One day she disappeared from our house. She was an expected mother then. All searched every nook and corner of our house for where she could be. One fine Thursday morning with a different sound of  howling she was cat-walking at the center of our house. She had with her a new born kitten in her mouth delicately held by the neck of the kitten. She had given birth to five kittens at once in our neighboring house. Why she preferred one among them to be with us and why she didn't bring all her kittens to our home was a mystery for me then. But in a later time I could well understand why Somabari did injustice to one of her kittens. I felt envious with our neighboring family as our Somabari preferred their house to be perfect for upbringing of her kittens. As the lonely kitten was there, she visited thrice or four times to feed her milk. And rest of the time the poor kitten was lonely. So we siblings had to take good care for her, starting from feeding her cow's milk with a dropper to changing the cloth meant to be her bed. It was a great feeling of motherly service for us. As the kitten came to our house on Thursday, we called her Gurubari. She was white except black patch on one side of her head just like her mother Somabari. 

Gurubari was a very good natured cat. She had vegetarian traits as we family members. Non veg food like fish, meat and eggs were strictly prohibited in our family on religious ground. So the only source of non veg food was self arrangement, either by preying a rat or by managing to eat at neighboring houses where fish was cooked very often. When Somabari was staying regularly at our home there were no rats as she haunted every last rat before it could make plans to save its life. But surprisingly when her daughter Gurubari began to grow by age as a young, strong and pretty cat, the number of rats began to grow day by day. Rats became so fearless that they didn't hesitate to sit alongside Gurubari. Her mother was growing old day by day. She visited very often our house to prey rats but she had not that youthful energy that she had in the past after becoming mother of a whole platoon of cats by then. She had become like a leader, a serious grand mother. Whenever she came to our house, besides haunting a rat she made a big fight with her daughter Gurubari whose bizarre behaviour of indifference towards rats she never had thought of. I guess, through her extra cat sense she had a doubt on haunting career of that special child, that is the reason why she separated her from her siblings just after her birth so that her bad influence would not spoil her other pure cats. So thus happened what she ever desired. Gurubari though was a worthless cat in the eyes of her mother, she was very happy, healthy in our home. Why not? She was the fortunate one rather than her siblings to relish all the delicious sweets made of pure ghee, cheese and milk that our father used to bring from Jagannath temple every evening. Whatever we ate, she had a fair share. She loved Ghee-rice or milk-rice most along with smashed potatoes as her regular diet. Beside that her digestive system had accepted all the green vegetables and Dal those our mother cooked at home. 

Such a healthy and lovely cat she was who won't have liked to be her friend! One day she was found roaming with a male cat supposedly her boy friend. We were not allowing an unknown male cat to roam freely like Gurubari in our home because male cats make a strange sound like a crying baby and also they have a bad habit of frequent urination. Few days passed. Our Gurubari gave birth to four kittens in our home. That was the happiest day, a day of celebration when we explored Gurubari for the first time cleaning them by licking and feeding them. The kittens became the apple of our eye. We siblings took every effort for their comfort and entertainment. It was also a great challenge for us besides her own mother to protect them from the savage baboons who notoriously steal kittens in the absence of their cat mothers. 

We had a long discussion on the topic of what names would be chosen for the kittens. Among them three were male  and only one was a female kitten. One, having dark couloured fur was named Kalu, one white with black patched kitten was named Chiku and the female kitten was named Chikki. We remained undecided naming the last kitten until a distance cousin once visited us. She named the kitten 'Cheuka' quite befitting to it's hyperactive behavior and unmanageable look. 

Actually the hero of our story is Chikki, the cute little girl kitten of Gurubari and grand daughter of Somabari. Grandmaa once came to see what was happening there at her daughter's place. She nosed out the kittens separately and then went away. All the kittens grew day by day. Unlike their mother all of them were good hunters. Together they chased after small insects and cockroaches. Chiku and Kalu were able catch small rats and made a feast with that. Only Chikki had no interest in the feast. She was  satisfied with her usual vegetarian diet. Her fur was so soft to touch that many a times it appeared to be a soft toy made of very costly imported fur. We had pretty enjoying time with our kittens. Friends from neighborhood and classmates started flocking around to see our kittens playing. And we felt proud caretakers and owners of the lovely kittens. One day a terrible fate did happen to Cheuka. A giant monkey mom took it to a tree branch.. It is said the childless monkey moms steal kittens and treat them as their own child. But at last their motherly love takes away lives of poor kittens. We were very sorry for Cheuka. 

When smell of fish came from  other houses, Kalu and Chiku became so crazy that ultimately they left our house. Chikki became lonely and seemed missing her brothers. But she never went outside in search of more delicious food. Gurubari was still their and loving her good daughter who was quite like her. Now we should come to the point that how Chiki became a hero. One cloudy evening we were playing on our terrace. It was the rainy season. So playing on terrace was a special joy. Suddenly we heard a howling noise. Never could Chikki make such noise, we expected another cat instead. We ran towards downstairs. It was Chikki only whose hair stood just like that of a porcupine. She was making strange noise by raising her nose and projecting her sharp teeth. What was the matter? That was something of concern indeed. We called our mother. By then Chikki jumped on something. Really, that was a snake. Our eyes were wide opened. O my God! Chikki was fighting with a snake. Our mother dragged us to a little distance. Father was away from home. All of us were stammering out of fear. But surprisingly little Chikki was so brave! The snake tried to curl Chikki with it's stout muscles. But Chikki escaped every time due to her super swiftness. It jumped back and forth. The snake hissed terribly. The fight continued for long fifteen minutes. At last Chikki got hold of the neck of the snake by her sharp teeth.The snake died. Chikki took her prey away with pride as if she has caught a big mouse! We were surprised. Chikki's heroic act did spread like wild fire among our friends and known people. I would say Chikki was an angel cat.

Not only human but animals, plants and everything on this earth we have to be grateful. We should say our gratitude to all who help us and love us and make our life beautiful. In my memory Chikki would be alive forever whom even today I say my gratitude silently within heart...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Secret of being a novelist

For-Write tribe  

Mr Capable after experimenting on many areas of occupation decided to be a writer. He visited Mr Wise who is a realistic novelist. After much pleading Mr wise raised his head from heaps of books. With a sagely gesture he said- "Go son, live like one with the lead character and write such that readers will get real life experiences from your novel. Come after a week."

After a week Mr capable came with a bundle of notes.

Mr Wise says- So you think now you know it all. 

Smilingly Mr Capable nods and says, Sir I lived so much the lead character that when I am stepping out of my house people from neighborhood shout thief.. thief. And you know the best thing is that when all of them get to read my novel will certainly find their real life experiences.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chasing Rainbow

Shall I make you understand life, how dear you are to me! 
What am I..! I am but a  bunch of coloured balloons and you are free flowing air. 
Certainly I will move your way. Truly I enjoy floating on you. Holding your secure but secret hands I am so happy! I cherish for you always and each and every breath of mine kisses you. 
Do you have any complain finding a really crazy companion! 
Yes, I am garrulous and my words melt with summer ice. 
But to my utter surprise something very important always remain unsaid and someone comes up from somewhere to help me explaining what I really meant to say. 
And you know how I am inattentive while walking, fall and get hurt several times on footpaths! 
Then someone comes from somewhere to give me support to stand firmly. 
You know, whom I am talking about! 
And now you must be getting surprised at my ability to fly! Isn't it!
Truly life, no more I am floating on you. I have learnt flying and that is only from you. 
I am flying towards the rainbow visible in far horizon. Can you see it! 
Now I am going to take you to the mystic land of colours where your sparkles will only be touched by glory of heavens. And you will find me one with the wonderful colours. 
Then I will declare you O' my modest companion as my own. 
Until then, run with me, run fast with me.. Time is short and our horizon is far...... 
Let's touch the rainbow together.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I have got a friend

Some pages of a diary often are unintentionally left blank. This is also so true for life! Monasila lost two years of her blooming life in hospital bed. She is back home. But every thing has been drastically changed. Now a days they are staying in a cozy place nearby the sea beach. Her father Mr Andrew is looking lusterless, a little aged than he usually seemed to be. The accident Monalisha faced alone broke the backbone of the Andrew family. Mr Andrew sold his house to be able to pay for the operation costs. He is a retired accountant; a very ordinarily, and humble person; so also was his wife Laura. But their daughter Monalisa was not an ordinary girl. She was the gold medalist to represent her state in marathon and was a bright student to clear all the papers of Accounting in one go. She got a job offer with handsome salary and perks. She was about to join her job, quite unaware of the fact that two pages of the diary of her life would be left unwritten. When she got to know the fact that she can never be able to run, was shocked. She has been the soothe of her family. Such positively vibrant a girl, never did she let her parents remain in a heavy face. She was the glitter of the eyes of her parents. Now fate has played such cruel game with her that a smile has become a rare phenomenon on her lovely face. She has lost one of her legs and all her wonderful lively mood. 

On the first day when she was brought back to their new house on a wheel chair she could see a skinny white boy of around ten to twelve years old standing near the gate with a bunch of flower. His folded jeans pant was exposing well the lower part of his leg. His t-shirt was half wet and legs were sodded with wet sand. With a broad smile he welcomed Monalisha.. and advanced towards the wheel chair to greet her with the bunch of flowers. Unresponsively Monalisha little bent towards back whispered to her mother- "who is the joker?" Before Monalisha's parents could tell anything the boy boisterously remarked- "young man and young ladies please welcome to your house. Now I am relieved. I can spend more time in my home, playing, dancing and enjoying ... " Inspite of much coaxing from Monalisha's parents to stay with them for lunch, the boy did't. Like a swirling breeze the boy vanished from their sight in few minutes and lost somewhere towards the horizon. Monalisha was wonderingly looking at her parents. The house was cozy and clean and the most beautiful part of that was the sea beach visible from her bedroom. She thanked heartily to her father for the special privilege for her. Her room contained a wardrobe, a cozy bed, a computer and a large bookshelf containing her favorite books those she wanted to have, and a lot many which had been her consort in the lonely hospital bed. The wall was painted with a lovely shade of white. She never was the same gleeful jollily butterfly like a girl who used to flap around the entire house merrily getting something new and interesting for her. But she was not unhappy

Day long she would look at the sea from her window in a calm and contemplative mood. Her vision would touch the limitless tempestuous waves on the bed of sea and get back to her wistfully. What her future has stored in for her? She even can't stand properly without her mother's help; isn't her life a bitterish arrangement of the fate! Some days she finds the skinny boy whom she met at first at the gate of their house, running relentlessly waving his hands towards the open sky on the wide beach for pretty a long period. She watches his gestures constantly and queries her mother- "is that boy a little crazy? I doubt, he has some abnormalities..." Smilingly her mother says, no darling. He is a very nice boy; a poor orphan who manages his living by maintaining the church garden. He was looking after our house and the lemon orchards in the backside when we had to go out for long. A thoroughly blessed boy is poor Sandy with purity and innocence in his heart. Monalisha didn't say anything. She rather wanted to conceal her tears from her mother. She was getting envious of the boy. How happy he looked while running on the beach! Once a marathon champion, she now is not able to stand by her own self. Her tears were dampening her existence slowly.

Days were passing by. Summer season was over. It was the month of July that unveiled the carpet of clouds in the sky. It was raining incessantly. The beach was lonely and violent. Monalisha's eyes were searching for Sandy who was not seen in the beach for a week or more. One fine day suddenly Monalisha found Sandy standing at the lemon orchards. Monalisha called her by his name. Sandy swiftly moved and within seconds entered directly into her room. She from her wheel chair indicated Sandy to stand at a distance as his shoes were dirty. Sandy with the usual broad smile on his face stood near the entrance informally. Monalisha staring straight at him asked why the joker was not found running on the beach all these rainy days! Sandy, shyly looked at her. Monalisha requested Sandy for he would take her to the place at the beach where he use to run. She just wants to go there with him.. Sandy agreed with a condition that she won't address him with the title 'joker' in front of others. Monalisha, controlling her smile agreed. Next morning Sandy with a great care took Monalisha with her wheel chair to the beach. A mild rain shower was thrilling Monalisha's senses. For some moment she forgot the void and gloom in her heart. She ordered Sandy with a dictatorial manner to run as fast as he can. Sandy ran swiftly and vanished from her eyesight. Monalisha was expecting Sandy to run back and be visible from the direction he was running to.. Suddenly she felt her wheel chair was moving fast. 
Loudly Sandy was saying that he doesn't enjoy running alone when she is there with him
Screamingly she said- Stop stupid, don't tease me. I'm lame, don't you see? I might fall and hurt myself.
Carelessly Sandy says- No, I can't see. I am blind and I'm still running.
Monalisa with a great surprise in her voice says- What!!! Are you a liar too?
Sandy boldly says- Confirm it from the church father and other employees.
Monalisha was confused. She wonders- how is it possible!
Sandy with a great rapture in his voice says- I am blind with eyes but not with heart and soul, they help me see properly. Why are you making yours handicapped?

He asked Monalisha to hold the chair firmly and to close her eyes. Being trilled when she closed her eyes, felt that she has become so light as if she would start flying. She was in a perfect ecstasy to forget everything else. The rain drops, wind, the sea waves, wet sand bed and Sandy as if were celebrating her joy together..! She thanked Sandy for the blissful moments in her life. She thanked him for teaching her how to win the real marathon. On returning home she was a perfectly shining Monalisha whom her parents had lost two years ago. Gleefully she was telling them that she has got a wonderful friend in the joker. 
Sandy by making a face at her warned- Hey, you are forgetting your promise. 
Monalisha in a apologetic gesture said- Dear Sandy I have found a great friend in the joker in you. 
All laughed boisterously

                                                                        For- Bluebell Books

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet hurt

Art by L.Afremov

He is watching something out of the window unmindfully. He is rather in a contemplative mood. The window curtain is disturbing him repeatedly by flowing hither and thither being prompted by the mischievous air. But he seems to be unaffected as his eyes are fixed. Suddenly he got up and hurried towards dining table, following a voice, calling- 'John, dinner is ready'. No, it was his misconceiving. Julie actually has left him. He is waiting for Julie since the evening with a firm belief that she will be back home. But, it is past eight and she hasn't come. John pulls a chair and rests his body. With a shaky hand he picks up the letter kept lying on the table. Once again he dares reading those cruel words set by his sweetheart. His eyes are red and face frowny. How an innocent and sweet looking girl like Julie can be such unpredictable to cheat on her own husband! John remembers his granny's words- The hardest of sufferings one gets from the dearest ones only. Few hours, since John left his clinic have been like long eras of sufferings for him. He is shocked. The words of the shabby letter in his hand are attacking him hard like sharp edged weapons.

"Dear Doctor, during my stay with you for complete seven hundred and twenty nine days I have been observing that your patients are more important than me. So I am leaving you forever. Remember, don't try to find me as I have got someone.

"Love"- what meaning of the word is left! 

Such a wonderful woman Julie was! John thought, how is it possible she got the most charming woman as his wife! An ordinary looking doctor yet a princes like wife; isn't it a sheer mismatch. Yet Julie never showed slightest mark of discontent staying with a boring and serious fellow. Most of the time she explores John hooked to medical journal or computer screen when he is not been to clinic. She never complains rather makes herself busy with different foolish jobs like rearranging the things in the living room and kitchen and touching the leaves and flowers of the collection of her plants so mindfully as if she actually is painting a picture or doing a sculpture. John wonders, is she an otherworldly person! What a wife, always engrossed in a tiny world and yet so happy! She prepares varieties of dishes and serves at dinner. John gets arrested every time Julie serves dinner wearing her sleek gown. She, with a wide smile describes some happening that passes over John's head. But John also gestures as if he is so excited to listen to Julie..! Yet he can't join with her for long as he has nothing in his mind stored to speak out that could impress Julie. Whenever John starts speaking on a formal topic that reaches quickly at some new inventions in medical science, his clinic, patients or a peculiar type of disease and it's symptoms. When John finishes his speaking, finds Julie dozing in his arms. Although Julie never tells, John knows Julie's dislike for his profession and passion. Once John jokingly told her that she should have chosen a florist as life partner rather than him. Julie then reacted little with a heavy face and silence. But who knew Julie would take his words so seriously! Has she got a florist to remarry with for whom she left me, wonders John. I have never pleased her with bunches of flowers or gifts that other successful husbands might be doing. She also never has slightly showed if she was feeling bad. How could I read her mind! She looked a perfect angel when I presented her a note of "I love you" written on my clinic writing pad on her birth day. Yes, I have never tried to please her some special way. I was certainly wrong thinking that everything of mine was hers. I was wronged that we are together for life and my whole existence was meant for her. Certainly unknowingly I have made some serious injustice to her. At last she has found her way, she will rather be more happy. Let she be. I failed to be a good husband. But she certainly was a wonderful wife. I miss her. 

John slowly moves out. Where would he find Julie? She even has left her cell phone at home. If he finds her, he would beg for her love once more. He would beg for the warmth of her lips and he would drink the honey of her scent unto soul once more. Where are you my fairy, he wailed in his heart. It was intense dark everywhere. Unaware of the time John went on and on. He does not know how long he walked on the foot path  like a lifeless body and at last reaches home. 

Suddenly John finds, it was not the home he left last. All the lights are lit. Has she come back? The divinely smell of her perfume filled the air. Is she there? John's heart was beating promptly. He entered into the living room and got struck at the sight of his beautiful wife. She was looking different- exquisitely beautified and blissful. Her smile was magical. She was engaged in placing candles on a lovely cake. John was spell bound and could not speak a word. His eyes moistened. With a lump in his throat he cries- "Julie, my darling I am so stupid! You have planned all the beautiful moments of our second marriage anniversary. My wife... I can't bear separation from you even for a moment. Probably I am not a good husband but I love you unto soul. Julie with her usual joviality says- dear hubby my world ends at you. It was just a sweet hurt for you to make our special day unforgettable. John holding Julie's hand pleads- My dear, I feel guilty. You have all the right on this earth to punish me. Julie falls on his arms and merges in him until their breaths become one.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Blue salvation

                                                                                 Whitebook @ DeviantArt
                                                     For- Bluebell books Short Story Slam Week 19

She does not know who has been playing a sorcerous tune by flute somewhere very near to her soul in the midnight. Is she still sleeping or really awake? Bewildered she opens window of her room. A sudden gust of air moves her slim body. The moon is shyly peeping from within the curtain of cloud. There is certainly something to be unveiled something to be revealed before her, she realised. This is not new to her. She use to walk down the stairs at mid of night and rests her becharmed existence beneath the peepul tree. It is almost over a month she has been retiring herself to the illusory spell of a call. Every morning she discovers herself intimately loved and cuddled. A strange feeling of fulfillment runs throughout her body. She blossoms out. And a quick breeze kisses her face. Suddenly she gets up worried of something. 

No...... Not anymore. What is this life? How long will I be captive of a life unknown to me? How long? She screams and her voice echos back to her. She goes back to her palace and cries in sheer helplessness. Nobody was there to wipe off her tears. She is a captive; a royal captive. She is living in a palace she never visited before. She has been there for ten years or more. The palace is located somewhere deep inside a secluded forest, far away from a city. There, she gets all the luxuries of life but love. She craves for a voice that she can believe on; a voice that she will love to listen again and again. But Alas.. Not a single voice in the palace makes her feel a little secured, a little happy. She is all alone, deserted. 

But, her knowingly or unknowingly she has fallen in love. She is waiting for the tune of the mysterious flute and waiting for the moment to be tranced by an invisible lover. She gets the joy of togetherness in a magical blue domain of fantasy. She knows someone loves her very deeply. She can't see him physically yet she can feel his presence. When he embraces her, she is showered with a strange feeling of joy all over her. She decides, she will surrender herself completely to her invisible lover.. 

She waits for her cherished tune of flute to be heard. She beautified herself the best possible way. She wore the red garment that befitted her name 'Ruby'. And with the familiar tune of flute she went on... She wonders, who he is; why he loves her so much silently and why he is not visible? The same questions she has been repeating over and again since after she was under his spell for the first time. And every time she would get silent drops of dew fallen on her instead of any words. And an indomitable attraction would drag her more close towards him until her existence is nullified with him. Tonight she is firm on her belief. She is going to surrender completely before him and will never return to her disgusting palace. 

The sublime beauty of the night was intoxicating. She was there with all her beauty and love to offer her invisible lover. She cried and pleaded "O dear, please be visible and speak to me. I want to offer you my whole self for now and ever. I have taken vow to be one with you for times to come." With a sudden thud the peepul tree began to tremble and sleeping birds awoke flapping their wings. A vague voice came from within the tree, "O my angel, I am a tree; how can we stay together? Please go away and live your golden life with a human like you."
Ruby stared at the tree for quite some time with a mixed feeling of joy and sorrow on her face. Tears rolled off her cheek. With a lump in her throat she tells, "O my king, what if you are a tree? I can't live without you, I am not going anywhere leaving your abode. What I got from you, your compassionate gesture at my melancholic life and your love, is very scarce anywhere else. All the comforts of life is worthless for me if I don't have your love."

The Peepul tree pleads, 'O princes go back to your life of luxury, I can't fulfill your material needs. Why will you ruin your life for me? I have no colour; I am aged and ugly; and you, my darling are a celestially beautiful princes. We have no match. You were carried away by the tune of my soul. And I fell in love with you. My subtle body was overpowered to gesture as a human to embrace you and love you, but I know my darling I can't have you; I am a tree!' Pearl drops of dew showered on Ruby as Peepul tree cries.

Ruby spreads her hands and pleads with a painful voice, 'O dear take me to your abyss once and for all.' There was a poised silence all around. And Ruby was locked in the arms of her lover tree. At once a violent storm appeared. The peepul tree was uprooted taking Ruby in its dispersed branches... Rubby was sleeping peacefully in the arms of her lover.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another fairy-tale

                                                                   Courtesy- blubellbooks


She was fairly tired of playing at a single place. It was her elder sister who prevented her from moving even a step ahead right from that place. They were seated under a banyan tree at the upper right side of the canal. All other kids had vanished from eye sight. Only few women were taking dip, down the canal along with their earthen pots. The canal makes most of their living. Their father like many others catches fish from the canal on regular basis. That too is a great source of merriment for the kids like her. She is nearly eight years of old. Her parents and only sister Rini calls her by the name Sini. She attends a local school like her elder sister who is in a bigger class than her. She is jealous of her elder sister due to her relatively stronger position at home. She has been instructed by their parents to obey Rini Di* all the time. It was such a bitter thing for her to always carry out orders of Rini Di. Such a tyrant Rini Di is  not letting her go down the canal, she murmured. Rini Di usually remains away from her during day time as then she attends her bigger class where all the big girls study with her. Then she gets all the time to be a tail of her mother. When mother goes down the canal to take her afternoon dip and to get water for casual use, Sini follows her. There, she plays with the stray puppies, muddy sand, pebbles and also with other kids available there until mother finishes her regular afternoon dip. Today, she is missing that regular joy. Today she finds herself as a hostage of Rini Di. 

She is missing her mother so much that in a large frequency tears are rolling off her chicks. She can't remember the last day when her mother was away from home and Rini Di was in charge of her. She hated staying with Rini Di whole day long, who is much matured a girl than that of her age. She, in the absence of mother keeps house clean and also cooks rice pudding. Today she has prepared such rice pudding for her. Sini appreciates the only thing in her sister is that she makes delicious rice pudding that no one in the whole universe can ever be able to make such special pudding; not even their mother. But today she is denying to take rice pudding. She is very much hungry, it is as blatant as the moving shade of the banyan tree. Yet she is firm at her determination not to eat pudding prepared by Rini Di. Because Rini Di is preventing her from moving freely and also she is not taking her to the canal bank even though they are sitting very near to the canal. Their house is too small for playing. Their parents often move a little bent in their one room hut to avoid hitting their heads on the thatched roof. It is a little dark for having no windows; yet it is the luxurious most place of relaxation as a heaven can be for the family. Since no activities other than eating and sleeping can be done inside the house, they had all the permission to play within twenty meters from their hut. The cemented floor under the banyan tree was the best place for playing, sleeping and also finishing the school home works. It is the most lighted place even during night as it gets light from the street lamp on both sides and and from a near by shop. During night their mother cooks rice and curry in front of their hut and father accompanies both the sisters to their regular place of sitting, relaxing and studying, that is near the big banyan tree. When the two sisters finish reading their school books, father usually tells stories of ghosts and fairies. Both of them get immersed in the stories for a long period even forgetting their post studies hunger until mother calls for dinner. Rainy season makes their regular life much difficult as most of the time they remain inside the tiny hut and mother affords food with much difficulty by cooking under polythene cover. 

But it is winter, a very pleasant season. Yet she is the hostage of Rini Di. She can't do what she wishes to do in the absence of mother. When Rini Di was preparing pudding, she secretly grabbed two puppies to arrange a marriage ceremony for them. She was the groom's mother who was to welcome her daughter-in- law her home. So she tied the groom puppy with a stump and took the other puppy down the canal alone and bathed that puppy with canal water. She was about to take her would be daughter-in-law towards her groom son, when being informed by a woman taking bath in the canal Sini Di came infuriated. By freeing the damp puppy from her hand she dragged her by her ear to the hut where she would take rice pudding. Sini is crying vociferously. It was beyond Rini Di's tricks to make her stop crying. It is not new for Rini to see her sister Sini making puppies wedding by tieing them together. Even she has joined with her in the interesting play many a times before. And they have also organised feast on that event. But today she is irritated by the site of the mischievous deed of her sister. She even can't stand if Sini argues with her. As yet she had slapped Sini on her face thrice. Sini was also adamant with her decision of not taking even a little of rice pudding from Rini Di until mother comes. Rini who also was not in a mood to coax her sister, told in an uninterested voice that she has to take rice pudding prepared by her every day. Suddenly Sini was silent with a shock. "What! are you not going school any more?" 

Rini replied with a shaky voice "no princes, I am not going your school anymore. From today onward I will be your caretaker." She began weeping. Wiping off Rini Di's tears Sini wondered why she can't go to school anymore! Rini said with a low voice, "we are very poor in this big town, Mother has also to work along with father to feed both of us. She would not be home during the day time. Father was telling that I have read enough and should take care of your studies and take care of you instead of going to school." Both the sisters for a while were looking outside vacantly from the bamboo door of their hut. There was a strange silence as if that was some marooned land and two girls unknown to each other are fallen from above from different places of earth! Suddenly Rini pinched her hand. Both the sisters smiled towards each other. As Sini was taking her pudding, Rini began telling the story of Cinderella which is written beautifully on an old water bottle she once got laid on the canal bank and which she had been using as her school water bottle as yet. Now she is handing over her pet bottle to Rini. She can use the bottle as her own which was pretty a matter of pride for her. Poor Cinderella was asking about her mother to a tiny speaking bird on the branch of a tree. The two sisters were peeping outside as the speaking bird was sitting right on the drumstick plant near their hut. Four tiny eyes sparkled with joy as they would ask speaking bird the exact time of arrival of their mother.

*Di  or Didi means elder sister in India.